Hook and Hanger provides a large range of J-Hooks and low voltage cable management tools and accessories.  They service the acoustical ceiling industry where they supply specialty tools and fasteners including the J-Hook. They maintain approvals and stringent testing on their fasteners and J-Hooks.

Their extensive range of J-Hooks are succinctly documented here for your convenience so you can decide which J-Hook or accessory is best for your project.

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Standard J-Hooks for Cable Support– UL Listed

This J-Hook is made of galvanized steel and finished with yellow zinc chromate for to inhibit corrosion. They come in 4 different sizes and can hold up to 300 Cat 5e cables.

It has been specifically designed to provide support for all data comm and low voltage cables.

These include:

  • Cat 5e Ethernet Cable
  • Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
  • Fibre Optic Cable
  • Phone Cable
  • Security Cable
  • Low Voltage Cable
  • Fire Protection Cable

The wide base and even spacing of these J-Hooks makes it ideal for ‘kink’ sensitive cables, such as Ethernet or Fiber Optic which can’t be bent but only curved.

J-Hooks are an innovative solution as the usual ‘cable raceways’ and ‘cable racks’ are not as flexible and easy to use. J-Hooks make it extremely flexible to run and manage cable.

Cable Cage Hooks – Cable Support J-Hook made of Plastic and Metal Composite

Cable Cage Hook

The Cable Cage Hook is Doc’s step up from the Standard J-Hook. It combines the best features of both metal and plastic; providing strength and a slick, no-bur surface. It is made of galvanized steel and polypropylene composite. The steel is finished with yellow zinc chromate for anti-corrosion and then molded with why polypropylene. They come in 3 different sizes and can hold up to 200 Cat 5e cables.

The Cable Cage Hook has the identical function as the Standard J-Hook, however features a built in latch that allows you to lock the bendable flap into place. This can be done up to 50 times with no signs of metal fatigue.

J-Hook Product Data Sheets:

Following data sheets signify tested capacities, weight, availability, price per unit etc.

Standard J-Hooks

Product Code UL Tested
Cat 6
of J-Hook
per Box
per Box
per Unit
JH12 17* 16 10 ¾* 100 6 1.12
JH21 17 50 32 1  5/16 100 14 1.97
JH32 17 80 50 2 100 17 2.38
JH64 50 300 185 4 25 13 4.34

Plastic and Metal Composite J-Hooks

Product Code Capacity
Cat 6
of J-Hook
per Box
per Box
per Unit
CCP16 20 15 1 100 17 1.54
CCP32 90 60 2 100 17 1.81
CCP48 200 150 3 100 35 3.58

* Weight measured in lbs
** Length measured in inches

J-Hook Attachments:

The standard J-Hook or Cable Cage Hook come with a variety of attachments. The standard J-Hook comes in 14 varieties including the standard version with no attachments. The standard J-Hook also comes in 4 sizes so over 50 different varieties.

Custom J-Hook Solutions

Since we value our customers and we provide what our customers want, if there is something that we don’t supply or that plain doesn’t exist; we have accommodated customers in the past by custom making cable management solutions bespoke for the customers.

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See below a video explaining J-Hooks, some of their attachments and their application:

J-hook with angle clipStandard J-Hook with a 90 degree angled clip.

This angled clip comes pre-fitted and is used when a standard J-Hook fitting does not work – for example a wood ceiling, beam or such like.

Standard J-Hook with a ‘Bat Wing Clip’.

J-hook with batwing clip

This standard J-Hook includes a spring steel clip also known as a Bat Wing Clip which allows for one to attach the j-hook to 12 gauge wire or threaded rod which is up to 3/8” in diameter.

Standard J-Hook with Knock-on Beam clamp

J-hook with beam clamp

This J-Hook attachment attaches J-Hooks to horizontal flanges. There are two ‘knock-on’ clamps, the ‘HOK-24’ and the ‘HOK-58’; differing in size. The 24 is designed to be knocked onto steel beams 1/8th to ¼ of an inch thick. The 58 is designed to knock onto steel beams / flanges 5/16th to ½ an inch thick.

Though not the most popular of attachments (some rather go with the Pressed Beam Clamp – a manual clamp attached to the J-Hook that you screw and ‘clamp’ onto a steel beam or flange) it is nevertheless ruthlessly useful and fast to apply – a knock or two with a hammer and they are hooked onto the steel beam or flange; holding on to it with its relentless ‘teeth’. Easy application and guaranteed to hold the load.

Standard J-Hook with a Screw-in Press Beam Clamp

J-hook with screw in beam clampThis attachment has the same function as the previous Knock-on Beam Clamp, however it is a bit more flexible and has a screw-in bolt that fastens the attachment to the steel beam or flange.
It is suitable for steel beams/flanges up to ½ an inch thick. This is also available as-is but included with it is a 90 degree angle clip which then allows it to rotate.

Standard J-Hook with an Angle Clip and Powder Actuated Pin for Concrete

J-hook with powder actuated pin for concreteThis is a 90 degree angle clip riveted to the J-Hook with a Bluepoint Powder Actuated Pin for driving the J-Hook attachment into concrete.  Make sure you have the Longshooter Pole and a Powder Actuated Tool for this job.

Standard J-Hook with Eye Coupling Attachment

J-hook with eye couplingThis J-Hook attachment allows for a J-Hook to be connected at the end of ¼ an inch by 20 threaded rod – straightforward and does exactly what it says on the tin.

For 3/8 inch threaded rod, use the 90 Degree Angle Clip attachment (of which hole is threaded specifically). This is available with 2 and 4 inch Standard J-Hooks.

J-hook with rotating clamp

Standard J-Hook with Knock-on Beam Clamp that rotates 360 Degrees

This J-Hook attachment has a Knock-on Beam Clamp (as above and also available in the two aforementioned sizes) but also attached are a pair of ‘doubled-up’ angle clips; allowing for the J-Hook to be rotated fully without restriction while still holding onto the flanges or steel beam.

Other J-Hook attachments

J-hook double spacerThe Double J-Hook spacer

The Double J-Hook spacer (available in two sizes depending on J-Hook size) combines 2 J-Hooks back to back, doubling the holding capacity. It is threaded on one side with ¼ of an inch and the other side 3/8th of an inch threaded rod.

J-hook with z-purlin clipZ Purlin Clip as a J-Hook Attachment

Designed as an attachment for applications including J-Hooks for fastening to angled flanges up to ¼ of an inch thick.

J-hook with c-purlin clipC Purlin Clip as a J-Hook Attachment

Also designed as an attachment for applications including J-Hooks for fastening to vertical flanges up to ¼ of an inch thick.

Cable Cage J-Hooks with Attachments

Cable cage hook with batwingCable Cage Hooks come ready-made with just an angle clip attachment for fastening to ceilings or with the batwing clip attachment for fastening to threaded rod or ceiling wire.
For any other combination, contact us and we will be able to oblige.
No job is too big; while a minimum quantity may be required.

See the following video covering Cable Cage Hooks, their application and attachments:

Individual J-Hook Attachments

J-Hook attachments are also available pre-assembled; meaning not riveted or bolted to the respective J-Hooks.